Truly My Way - Week 2: Getting Noticed

Sunday, July 19, 2015

This past week has been exciting. This week's goal was to get more page views or to just get noticed in general. I've received over 100 page views on this blog! I'm pretty sure 50% of them are mine, but I'm happy either way. I know this was supposed to post yesterday, but I messed up the scheduling -.- Bear with me as I'm still getting used to using Blogger on a regular basis.

After I posted my first installment of Truly My Way I did some research on starting a blog and how to make it successful. One of the tips that stood out the most to me was to be 'nice.' That word has a million meanings, but the way I interpreted it was to be social on my favorite blogs. I would tell the people I admire that I love their outfit posts or agreed with their observations about the world. This can also be done by commenting on Instagram photos, Facebook posts or tweeting at your favorite bloggers. All of this is fairly simple and can be done at any time.

My takeaway for the week is: Being social and putting yourself out there is the fastest way to get noticed!

Next week's topic will be on behind-the-screen reflection! Sounds boring, but I promise that it'll be informative and may even change the way you think about blogging.
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