Matching Spring Outfits for Moms and Daughters

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sunday marked the official first day of spring and that means it's time to pull out the fun prints, bright colors, and flowy silhouettes. One of my favorite things about spring fashion growing up was wearing matching outfits with my mom and sister for Easter. Today I've got a guest post by Emma Lawson about just that - matching spring outfits for moms and daughters!

Mothers and daughters have the most special bond from the first moment they meet. This is probably the reason every daughter looks up to her mother and wants to become just like her when she grows up. Why wait for that long, though? Ok, maybe in the age of six, your daughter will not take your career footsteps, but she can wear clothes that match yours. Spring is the perfect time for adorable matchy outfits, whether you are going to a wedding, some other special event, or you are simply heading to walk in the park. Here is how to wear this cute style this spring, without going overboard.

A Day in the Park

For a relaxed day in the park both of you girls will need something comfortable and stylish enough, to match all ages. There is nothing better for that role than a good old pair of jeans. It is the most practical way to pull off the matchy style, because the only thing that matters is that you find jeans in similar colors. As for the rest of the outfit, opt for cotton print t-shirts (you can even make your own with signs – “mom” and “daughter”) and a pair of comfy canvas sneakers.

A Casual Gathering

Whether we are talking about a backyard barbecue or a relaxed birthday party, you can appear and cause a whole wave of “aww” as soon as you enter in your matching outfits. For similar occasions, you will need some in-between pieces, not too dressy and not too casual. Opt for a pair of tights in the same color and same patterned tunic (polka dots, stripes, etc.). No matter how young your daughter may be, she still has her unique personality, so do not go overboard with the matching, instead opt for the same patterns and different cuts, or some other variation.

A Spring Wedding

Your spring calendar is probably already filled with the dates of the wedding ceremonies you should attend, so why not make it even more delightful by wearing matched dresses? Finding similar dresses for formal occasion might seem like a difficult task, but if you shop for a dress for your girl first and choose some fashionable lace, floral or elegant model at Stellina Cute Couture, you can later search for similar dress of the same fabric, pattern, color or cut for yourself. Matching accessories are also an interesting option.

Mommy and Me on the Beach/Pool

Spring is the time when the sun shines if just a bit brighter and we all like to head out to the beach or pool if at least for just one hour, and kids love it the most. Guess what are we suggesting? You're right, matching swimwear! Sure, you cannot find completely the same pieces, but some look-alikes will do just fine. The key is to match trends and details, like gingham prints, fringes, crochet, ruffled, and color blocking. Just imagine how many Instagram and Facebook likes, could these charming beach images get. If you want to take it further, add some floppy hats and cute sunglasses to the looks.

Just remember that matching at all costs is never the right way to go, because you will end up looking silly, instead of delightful. Also, your daughter should be thought to find her own sense of fashion and while it is great and photo-worthy, if we may add, for her to look up to her mother when it comes to style, that should only be her stepping stone in finding her own.
Thank you so much to Emma for writing this post for Truly Yours, A.! You can find more of her writing at High Style Life and follow her daily musings on Twitter (@EmmahLawson).

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