I'm Pregnant!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Truly Yours, A. is welcoming its first co-blogger into the world on July 31st! That's a pretty good reason for my unexplained disappearing act for the past four months. Keep reading for a quick life update!

How I Found Out

Finding out I was pregnant was kind of a huge surprise. It's something my boyfriend and I have been working towards for quite some time, but it was still a shock. We confirmed at home a week before Christmas Day at 8 weeks, told our families on Christmas Eve/Day at 9 weeks, told extended family and friends at week 10, and had our first prenatal doctor appointment at 11 weeks. Those four weeks were full of emotions - excitement, surprise, fear - the list goes on and on! The nerve-wracking realization that I was going to be bringing a life into the world was definitely the top culprit in keeping me awake at night, but that quickly disappeared with all the support from family and friends.

Our Instagram and Facebook announcement sign made by me!

How It Affected My Blogging

Blogging has definitely taken a backseat for the past 6 months as I dealt with health issues and making sure I was on track to having a healthy little one. My morning sickness was not as bad as some moms, but I did have nausea and fatigue which made it difficult to eat and go to work as well as work on the blog. Looking back I wished I would have stuck with blogging during the beginning of my pregnancy so I could use it to remember how I was feeling during one of the most exciting times of my life. Lately I've wanted to get back into blogging so Truly Yours, A. will be adding pregnancy content to the lifestyle posts and maternity outfits to the fashion posts. I cannot wait to share both and so much more with all of you!

A profile photo from McKenna's first ultrasound at 14 weeks!

How I'm Doing Now

When this post goes live I will be exactly 24 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl named McKenna! We are still working on her middle name (or names since I can't decide), but those will be decided soon. I've started working on her nursery so let me know in the comments below if you would like updates or a reveal! Truly Yours, A. is back up and running and I am still working at Kendra Scott so expect one or two posts a week in the beginning while I get acclimated to my new routine. If you've read this far, thank you so much for doing so and I'll speak to you guys again really soon!

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