Truly My Way - Week 12: Top Blogging Apps

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A blogging post about the top blogging apps for bloggers on the go.

Truly My Way is back! In case this is your first time reading this Truly My Way is a way for me to document my "adventures" in blogging. I've talked about using StumbleUpon, scheduling content, and increasing Instagram traffic. I can honestly say I've missed concentrating on one aspect of blogging per week, but in order to grow multitasking is a must! Here are my favorite blogging apps that help me do just that!

  1. Buffer - I love this app for scheduling posts for Twitter and Facebook. It's so easy to use and set up and I never have to worry about making sure my posts are going through.
  2. Hootsuite - Another scheduling app that I love, but only for the Instagram aspect. The only downside to this app is having to check your phone at the scheduled time, approve the post, paste the caption, AND then your post is up.
  3. Crowdfire - Such an amazing app for keeping up with Twitter! I love the Unfollower tab (I can admit I'm vain that way) which works for my Insta and Twitter. I also love the Copy Followers feature where you can enter the name of a similar account and produce a list of their followers. You can then go through and follow any account you want. This is super helpful when trying to grow your social media following!
  4. Bloglovin' - I love that I can keep up with all my favorite blogs using this one app! The only downsides are the in-app browser and that it doesn't always display HTML correctly.
This list is short only because I didn't want to include social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Those are extremely useful when you can't be near a computer and want to promote your blog, but the 4 listed above make blogging so much easier when you're on the go! What are you favorite blogging apps? Leave them in the comments below!

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