January Blogging Goals

Thursday, January 7, 2016

1.  Collaborate with another blogger - I would love to work with another blogger and learn all I can from them. Whether that blogger is big or small, there's always something else I can learn from another person. It would also be great to offer different content or perspective on the blog as well. If you'd like to collaborate drop me a line at trulyyoursaa@gmail.com!

2.  Increase email subscribers - In 2015 I watched all my social media follower counts go up, but my email subscriber count pretty much stayed the same. As I put more effort in my blog and (possibly) a newsletter I hope that number also rises. If you're not a subscriber make sure you sign up and get your free printables! You can do so using the subscription box on the sidebar.

3.  Use link- ups on a consistent basis - Link-ups are great for growing traffic and discovering new blogs. Most of the blogs I frequent now are ones that I've discovered from bouncing around and using different link-ups. Using these more in 2016 can only be a good thing. If you would like a list of the link-ups I use and love let me know in the comments below!

4.  Send a biweekly/monthly newsletter - I love newsletters that pop into your inbox on a consistent basis and I would love to provide that same feeling to my followers. I feel like newsletters are a good way to direct followers back to your blog just in case they've missed a post.

5.  Develop a consistent posting schedule - As I get ready to go back to work I'll need to develop a posting schedule that works around my varied hours. Now I post whenever I feel like it, but I would like to schedule content in advance so I can enjoy my free time and not worry too much about my blog.
What are your blogging goals for January? Let me know below!

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