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Thursday, April 7, 2016

April is here and spring is in full swing! That totally rhymed and I promise it's the last time I do that...maybe. Spring to me means the return of gorgeous weather, allergy season, and new fashion. This new month also means a new Currently link-up with Anne from Anne in Residence and Jenna from Gold & Bloom. This is one of my favorite link-ups and I wouldn't miss it for anything because Jenna and Anne are the sweetest ladies. I love that they take the time to read and comment on blogs from their link-up! It amazes me how they come up with ideas for each month because I can barely think about what I plan on posting next week. The prompts require me to think a little more because I don't want to put out a post that seems rushed or insincere. Continue reading to see what I'm currently making, wishlisting, cleaning, posting, and tasting for the month of April and maybe link up your own Currently post!


I'm going to apply this topic to DIYs, which I haven't done one in a while. I seriously miss taking a couple of hours out of my day to make something with my bare hands. I'll have to make time this month to make something from my DIY Pinterest boards. If I apply this topic to food then I did make an amazing pot of spaghetti using ground turkey instead of beef. My boyfriend couldn't tell the difference and I was quite proud of myself.


My wishlist is filled with a lot of stuff that I don't need (like tons of sneakers and a new S'well bottle), but I really want a pair of nude lace-up flats and a pretty floral dress, but I haven't been able to find the perfect ones just yet. I'm hoping to do a little shopping on Friday and get at least one thing from my wishlist.


Nothing and this makes me so sad. Spring cleaning is definitely on my "day off to-do list," but I just can't find the motivation to actually do it. I did manage to clean my bedroom last week so that's progress! I did post about preparing your closet for spring on the blog and I haven't really touched my own yet. I think I'm holding off because the weather can change at any moment here in VA.


My blogging schedule is sooooo off track lately and I fully blame it on my laziness. I just want to eat, watch Netflix, and sleep after work and my commute. I'm hoping to get back on track this week and make up for lost time. I've already got ideas in motion for the next couple of weeks so I think its safe to say I'm getting better at posting.


You know the company that makes Veggie Straws? Well they also make Apple Straws with cinnamon and I'm OBSESSED with them! They make the perfect snack when I'm craving something sweet. They're also super healthy so I don't feel too bad after I've eaten half the bag. I'm also really into plain yogurt, granola, and raspberries for breakfast. It tastes delicious and gives me energy so I don't feel sluggish right before lunch.

What are you currently making, wishlisting, cleaning, posting, and making? Let me know in the comments below or head over to Anne in Residence or Gold & Bloom and link up your own post for the month. I can't wait to read them!

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