Save vs Splurge: Mini Leather Satchels

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I don't know about you guys, but I am OBSESSED with the mini versions of popular handbags! The mini Hamilton from Michael Kors was my first love and the "Mini Pashli" from 3.1 Phillip Lim is my current favorite. The miniature version of Phillip Lim's signature satchel is just as gorgeous as the medium and large versions for a fraction of the price. For an even smaller fraction of those prices this nearly identical buckled faux leather crossbody from Forever 21 is a great option. The colors of both bags is perfect for those chic minimalist, all white looks we'll all be wearing this spring. Keep reading to check out the pros and cons of both bags and decide if you'll save or splurge!

The specs:
8" height x 11" width x 3" depth                                        6 3/4"height x 8 3/4" width x 3 1/2" depth
Faux leather (100% polyurethane)                                      Leather
2 handles with detachable strap                                          2 handles with detachable strap
Buckled front pocket                                                           Push-lock flap closure

The verdict: The obvious con with both of these bags is size: they're tiny! As you can see by the specs above, the Phillip Lim bag is even tinier than the Forever 21 satchel. I love bags like this because I only carry my phone, debit card, and maybe a couple of beauty essentials when I go out. Plus, the cross body feature makes them easier to hold onto. However, the Phillip Lim bag comes in a gang of colors from basic black with gold details to a beautiful, bright fuchsia that would be perfect for summer! The Forever 21 bag only comes in the one cream color that still gorgeous. Obviously, there's a huge price difference, but that shouldn't turn you off from buying either bag. The Forever 21 buckled faux leather cross body is cheaper and that isn't necessarily a bad thing; it's great if you don't like to spend too much on accessories or if you just want to try this trend out before splurging on a more luxurious option. The Phillip Lim bag would be a great piece for jump-starting a miniature handbag collection. Which bag would you chose? Let me know in the comments below!


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